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HMS AstuteThe Royal Navy found itself in the guano recently when HMS Astute ( the UK’s newest and most advanced nuclear submarine ran aground.

The £1.2 Billion HMS Astute became stick in the mud and shingle a few hundred yards offshore, after straying into shallow water. Despite being equipped with radical new autopilot technology.

The Navy has stated that there may have been changes in the seabed and that their charts may have been out of date. Also Astute has not been fitted with a periscope but uses fibre-optic images to provide guidance. As you and I might say “the blind leading the blind!”.

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This incident also bring into focus the decision by the Department for Transport last week to dispense of the four emergency towing vessels stationed at particularly sensitive locations around the UK coast.

“One of those vessels had been tasked with assisting in the refloating of HMS Astute and this incident has raised serious questions about their decision to scrap them.”

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