Employment tribunals get extra powers

JusticeEmployees who awarded tribunal claims against employers will soon have additional powers for securing their money.

From 6 April, they will be able to ask High Court enforcement officers to pursue employers who fail to settle awards in cases where workers have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against.

The Ministry of Justice is implementing the new powers because a significant minority of employers are not making the due payments after employment tribunals have gone in the favour of employees.

Research published by the Ministry last May revealed that 39 per cent of employees awarded claims by tribunals were not paid.

The Employment Tribunal Fast Track programme will mean that, on payment of a £50 court fee, enforcement officers can be tasked with seizing the assets of non-paying employers.

Justice Minister, Bridget Prentice said: “The government is determined to ensure people are not denied access to justice by a small minority of unscrupulous individuals or companies who refuse to respect the award.

“The Fast Track will ensure all recipients can pursue their awards with ease.”

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