HMRC e-mail Scam

EmailPlease be aware of the latest scam, particularly if you are sent an e-mail claiming to be from HMRC and stating that you are eligible for a tax rebate. HMRC never contact people by e-mail or by telephone regarding tax rebates. 

This nasty little confidence trick is backed by fake websites, making the claim seem authentic. The fraudsters purporting to represent HMRC are contacting people, informing them that they are eligible for a tax rebate. They then obtain the bank details and either attempt to extract monies from the account, or sell the account details on.

 As many as 10,000 attempts at this scam were reported to HMRC in one day alone. Clearly this is widespread.

 Before deleting suspicious e-mails, ensure you inform HMRC at Do not provide your bank details. If you have already been caught by this scam contact your bank or credit card company immediately

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