HMRC warns of date for making extra NI shortfall payments

HMRCHM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has reminded some people that if they wish to take advantage of the chance to top up more than six years of their NICs they need to act quickly.

Under the normal rules, people who want to make good any deficit in their NIC record must do so by paying voluntary Class 3 NI contributions within six years of the end of the tax year that shows a shortfall.

However, a special case is being made for the tax years 1996/97 to 2001/02 and applies to people who reached the state pension age before 24 October 2004.

The deadline for making payments covering these years was extended to 5 April 2010 because the government did not send out reminders aNI paymentbout making good any missed payments during that period.

The ruling means that people can pay Class 3 NI contributions at their original rate but only so long as the payment is made by 5 April 2010.

HMRC has warned that any top-up payments received after the 5 April deadline cannot be accepted and the payment will be returned.

More information on paying top-up NI contributions is available at

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