Tax Avoidance Immoral?

It is astonishing amidst all this talk of government cuts that we understand that the amounts spent on housing benefit exceed the combined costs of funding the Army and Royal Navy. It is necessary to put the government cuts in perspective. For too long a great number of people have become accustomed to the ease of obtaining benefits of one kind of benefit or another, and perceive it to be their right to obtain continual handouts. Often stating “why bother working – we are better off on the dole”.

However whilst most government departments suffered (massive) cuts, according to the most recent spending review foreign aid will rise by £3.1BN over the next four years. Out of all European countries we are spending most on aid.

Why therefore are we building aircraft carriers with no aircraft to fly from them? When this sort of money would fund the existing Harrier jump jet fleet for many years ahead.

Surely it is the first priority of any government to protect its citizens. Not provide for citizens of other countries, or boost the ego of our politicians.

The sorry financial mess that this country is in has caused the government to not only make cuts where it can but also in an attempt to increase tax revenue make tax avoidance illegal. In fact Mr. Clegg has joined in this debate, as have other politicians and recently stated that Tax avoidance is immoral.

Where is the morality in taxation? Tax law was originally drafted to fund wars.

Taxation provides vast amounts of cash but is this money spent wisely?

Only last week Sir Philip Green has said.

The government could save billions of pounds a year if it improved its “shocking” spending processes; this was after he reviewed government spending. He also said no business could survive the level of money that was wasted from the £191bn of spending he reviewed.

According to Sir Philip government has been wasting billions for years as there is an inappropriate level of spending controls or procedures in place.

What is your view? Is it right for the politicians to lecture us on tax avoidance, or should they sort out the controls and procedures on how they spend OUR money.

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