Business group welcomes delay to time to train rules

The British Chambers of Commerce has applauded the decision to delay the introduction of new rules on the right of employees to request time off work to train.

The right was to have been extended to workers in small and medium-sized firms as from April. That will not now happen.

David Frost, director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, (BCC) said: ”The Government’s move to delay the Time off to Train regulations for small- and medium-sized firms is a good start, but we must go further if we are to get companies recruiting and growing their businesses.

“As our research shows, businesses are facing a raft of employment legislation that will cost them £23bn to implement over the next four years. But, the costs associated with the Time off to Train regulations only amount to £174.96 million per year – a drop in the ocean when looking at the total figure which is well into the billions.

“Beyond delaying, the Government must look to scrap these burdensome regulations, especially since the latest figures show unemployment in the UK is now at a record high. Unless we see a further reduction in red tape, we will continue to see high levels of unemployment for the foreseeable future and could end up putting the recovery at risk.”

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