Cloud Cuckoo Land?

When the coalition came to power, they trumpeted the “bonfire of the quangos” which would greatly diminish the number of quangos in operation with a massive savings of taxpayers money.

Sadly as recent reports state 151 of the 200 quangos are still in existence. In addition some of those that have been lost have re-emerged as local enterprise partnerships.

Many of the quangos are taking on additional staff. Including English Heritage and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

Don’t laugh the National Policing Improvement Agency whose use has been amply demonstrated in recent years and particularly in the recent riots. Has not only increased staffing but run up average annual bills of £20,000 with credit cards.

However what is truly surprising is that redundancy payments for staff is £42,000 – more than 4 times the national average of £9,362.

Pay-outs for senior staff are often much higher.

Twenty four staff at the Training and development agency for schools received packages worth £160,000 each last year. Although five received £200,000 and the executive was given £549,457.

We believe that the rewards for these jobsworths is an affront to all decent hard working people. What do you think?

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