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We mentioned negative commentary on self development publications a few blogs ago.  As you may have gathered we do not necessarily concur. However we do agree that one needs to do more than simply buy a few tapes or books to take steps to improve or transform your life.

We also mentioned one publication that we believe everyone would benefit from – if you follow the principles in the book. In other words, it is no good simply reading it – take action and apply it in your life.

So if we accept that self development aids are not by themselves transformational, what is?

How do you become self fulfilled?

In my opinion, the most important step that anyone can take – is to know what they want . Only some people confuse this with what they think they want, such as a big house, fast car.

Work out what you really want (be precise) and apply all of your focus to achieving this aim (be selfish). Look at all aspects of your life, if some of your activities are not helping you achieve your aims, then they are taking you further away from your overall objective. So, if you are serious, you will need to refocus all of your time, energies and activity with your target goal in mind.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

To live your dream you need to do three things, focus, focus, focus!

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