Strategic Business Planning – The GAP concept.

As a business owner you should be able to leverage your business and dynamically improve your future if you develop your strategic planning using the GAP concept.

We all have the capacity in our brains to imagine our financial future and forward lifestyle. The images we create could remain in our heads as dreams, or we could use these images of the future and our power of imagination to empower our:-

Ability to overcome difficulties

To make progress with this development process, you need a benchmark, that’s essential when dealing with imaginary scenarios. So to do this without constraining your ideal future position – root your benchmark in the now, as you need to be aware of your financial position and achievements to date to be able to understand what is required to bridge the difference between your financial and lifestyle dreams and current financial reality.

Unfortunately some of us are unable to imagine a brighter future as we sometimes dwell on the past and negative aspects of their life, others have a bright picture of their future but fail to implement any activity to achieve this.

Take time to appreciate the present – do not over concern yourself with the past or the future.

Forward planning to reduce the GAP between your ideal future and present financial reality can be helpful, providing you measure your current financial position and take steps to deal with the financial or emotional problems you have previously avoided dealing with.

As a business owner you are in a unique position to achieve success using the GAP concept; as there are numerous ways to leverage a business.

However what may prevent you from doing so, is that as your business has expanded you may have lost focus and may be spending a disproportionate amount of time on administration, how to pay your corporation tax, employee relations, capital gains tax, tax avoidance schemes etc.

So a strategic planning approach to your business that allows you to reduce the amount of time you spend on all of the above and allows more time for you to focus on your unique ability to add value to your business – can boost your business and in time reduce the GAP.

If this approach seems far removed from traditional business planning, that’s because it is. Traditional business planning often imposes limitations to growth.

Lateral planning using the GAP concept is needs based and is for the more entrepreneurial business owner who wants to grow their business without limitation.

Do you have a question on any aspect of how business strategic planning can take your business to the next level. As well as tax planning, tax avoidance or financial planning we would be happy to assist you – so why not e-mail us.

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