Your Disobedient Civil Servant

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Recent reports that senior civil servants have racked up bills of £1.5M on official credit cards. Expenditure included French lessons, cash withdrawals, holiday snaps, wine and a food blender.

There are 230 special payment cards for senior staff and questions have been raised as to whether all purchases made have been appropriate, as it is not clear if all spending has been monitored.

MP’s have been pushing for greater transparency and full access to statements but all such requested have been turned down by the head of the Civil Service Mr O’Donnell. MP’s particularly want back dated information since the introduction of the cards in 1997. But so far the answer has been – No Minister!

One of the items purchased took my interest. The Thermomix TM31 blender and processor combo. I once tasted a meal produced by a Thermomix , it was delicious. So it would not take a lot of persuading for me to visit their site at and make such a purchase.

This is the first major scandal about the Civil Service since the book “Your Disobedient Civil Servant”  by Leslie Chapman. His reward was to be side stepped for promotion and pushed out of the service.

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