HAPPY NEW YEAR – the Year of the Dragon


The Chinese community will be busy celebrating their New Year today, January 23rd.

Although the first day of 2012 Chinese Astrology Year is on February 4, 2012.

Those people interested in astrology will be keen to discover if they are likely to have better luck in the coming year than previous years.

According to Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, 2012 is the Year of Water Dragon . The colour of Water in Five Elements system is related to Black.

Therefore this year 2012 will be referred to by the Chinese as a Black Dragon year.

Chinese Astrology is a Balance Theory of Five Elements. Each animal can be converted into Five Elements. Dragon contains Earth, Water and Wood. It’s a source of Water and is also called the Water Dam in Chinese astrology.

Dragon is a legendary animal and it is symbol of emperor in China. Since the Dragon is coated with mysterious color, Chinese consider that the dragon is unpredictable, untouchable and people cannot see its head and tail at the same time. This is auspicious and therefore something unexpected may have significant impact in 2012. Also a person with too many dragons in the Chinese astrology birth chart will become smarter, sly and unpredictable in the coming year.

2010 was the Year of White Tiger and is the beginning year of the Wood cycle. 2011 was the Year of White Rabbit and is the middle year of the Wood cycle. The Dragon of 2012 is the last year of the Wood cycle. Dragon is the transition year to the Fire Cycle. The energy of Wood is in the East side. The energy of Fire is in the South side. We never know what will happen when turning from East to South. That’s another sign of unpredictable Dragon year.

Fire is the opposite element of Water. People whose lucky element is Fire will have more impact in 2012.

Whatever your creed or culture, we wish you and all the very best for the year of the Dragon.

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