It’s easy to get distracted in business, so how can you avoid distractions AND get your business to run on auto pilot?

One thing all business owners have in common, large or small, is the need to produce a business plan, so why is it that they don’t?

Without a plan, it’s easy to get distracted and fail to meet your business turnover targets, thereby losing thousands of pounds of revenue every month, these monthly shortfalls compound over the year with disastrous consequences for your business.

So I am going to let you know how you can avoid these unnecessary financial shortfalls by harnessing a very powerful computer system. What is more I will tell you how to tap into the hidden power of this computer system to subliminally run your business on auto-pilot.

The information that I provide about the system you can use will not cost you anything but has the potential to make you thousands of pounds of additional revenue every month and tens thousands every year.

I know someone who is a living testament to the success of the system as just over twelve years ago he lost everything due to entering into a business relationship with a person who was less than honest. He took two years off work fighting a court case and almost had a nervous breakdown, he deserved one as he had worked very hard to achieve it!

Then one day he sat down and wrote the system out on the back of a large white envelope. He then forgot about it for a few days and then picked it up again. For some reason he re-wrote the system again but for some uncanny reason he was now entering markedly different figures from before. He stuffed them under his pillow and literally slept on those figures, and when he awoke he discovered he had more energy than previously.

So things started turning around, instead of a constant flow of bad news, opportunities presented themselves, he started earning again – although a lot more than before all of his troubles. It was all due to the system he’d stumbled upon.

Before I tell you about the system, let me explain how easy it is for business owners to get distracted, part of the problem is the extent of the influences surrounding business owners. Influences that are often well meaning but impact on both the time and decision.

The other is procrastination, without a plan or a system it is easy to be doing things that are not core to your skills or core to the business achieving its goals.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to avoid such distractions and procrastination – if only life were so simple – but it is!

I want to help you develop your plan for your business but by that I do not mean a conventional highly detailed business plan. The sort that most entrepreneurs would rather have their teeth pulled than get involved with. The sort of plan that has no connection with your private life or aspirations, the sort that tends to make you brain dead in one hour!

I am not saying that the system is instant, push-button stuff.  The first two or three times you run the system it’s quite hard and it does take time and energy. However once you have adapted to system as part of your business life, then it becomes easier and you will find the experience liberating. Because it does not follow the normal conventions for “business planning” and is different it may prove easy to ignore for some people, that’s a shame because it could do wonders for their business and personal lives.

Why you should avoid conventional business planning and tune into the power of the system.

Business planning should be focused entirely on the business, shouldn’t it? You get so far with a conventional business plan and then you call your accountant in to assist you, and then your business adviser. All of this takes time, your time. In addition you are engaging with other parties who are not necessarily entrepreneurial and do not have your interest in improving your lot. It might prove better to hand them a brief and then delegate all of that deflating soul destroying detail to them, so how do you provide a basis for them to wrap the detail around?

The problem with most conventional business planning is that there is a disconnect between your personal goals and aspirations and the corporate entity that is your business.

Having eschewed detail so far, to engage with the system and make it work, we now need to embrace detail and write down specific information with regard to your long term dreams and aspirations. Plus write down the consequences for you of not reaching your long term goals.

If you are in any doubt with regard to the power of “proper” goal setting then you have not been doing it properly. Goal setting is key to success, as Brian Tracey would say “all else is commentary”.

Then you need to work out your annual goals or targets by working out annual increments that will eventually mean that you will realise your long term goals. At the very least your plan should include an annual repayment of 8% of your debts plus an annual accumulation or increase of 8% in assets.

Remember that your plans should not only include financial or material goals but also social and spiritual goals.

If you have not engaged in in-depth goal setting on a proper basis before then you may be surprised at the time you have to set aside for this. At least one day initially but then you may find that the following week you are constantly re-writing this part of the system.

This process is an essential part of the system, you will recall that I mentioned linking to a very powerful computer system – I was referring of course to the brain – we only use about 10% of the capacity of the brain – but the process I am describing will help you to tune in to part of the brain to a higher degree.

You will be wondering why we are making so much emphasis on your personal goal planning, that is because you need to get this to a level that is both meaningful and consequential before you attempt to formulate any plans for the business.

Once we have completed this stage, we now need to understand how to link this initial stage of the system to formulating a SIMPLE but dynamic business plan that will enable you to run your business on auto-pilot. Plus a lot more techniques that you can apply to make the system work at maximum effectiveness.

 I will be showing you how over my following blogs……

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