“Tax Evasion and aggressive tax avoidance – morally repugnant” – George Osborne

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The recent budget announcement by the Chancellor included the “morally repugnant” comment above.

In the same announcement he reduced the 50% tax rate because those rich enough to be eligible for it, have been avoiding it.

Also compare the Chancellor’s actions and his warning about buying residential property through corporate entities, giving plenty of opportunity and time for those who have already benefited to take appropriate action to avoid being penalised.

Yet the government previously announced a public sector pay freeze without consultation and without notice and also cut subsidies for large-scale solar without any compensation for those small businesses who had already invested hard-earned funds in developing renewable energy this way.

The Government alludes to “austerity measures” but have failed to reduce public borrowing as our borrowing is increasing on a year by year basis. Failed to reduce the numbers of civil servants and has failed to tackle the quangos.

Talked about needing to invest in the economy because of the weakness of the private sector but failed to take strategic decisions to assist the economy.

This government also continues to deploy our troops in Afghanistan, putting our young men and women in serious danger. Yet the government is fully aware that our troops are having a negative impact on the people of Afghanistan . Fully aware that the limited numbers of troops that were sent there and the failure to provide them with proper resources (including proper protection) has caused deaths and injuries.

Yet the government is now talking of increasing aid to Pakistan, despite the undeniable proof that the Pakistan intelligence service is supporting the Taliban.

Many of our armed forces are having to put up with sub-standard accommodation and charity hand outs.

This government has also failed to exclude from our society known terrorists and criminals because of their “human rights”.

Surely all of the above are “morally repugnant” from a government that is long on talk and short on action.

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