Financial Independence

by Ray Best.

Retiring and achieving a decent lifestyle is achievable for most people if you know how …

Politicians have created a boom or bust economic environment in the UK over the years, often using the housing market as a tool to get the economy going; encouraging UK households to buy houses they cannot afford. A major proportion of household income is spent on the cost of funding a mortgage.

Politicians are also responsible for the “light touch regulation” a polite means of saying “anything goes” that has encouraged the banks to put profit and their bonuses  first and to disregard their customers.

This combination has led to a complete financial meltdown and the degrading of fiat (paper) currency worldwide.

Politicians never seem to learn and the next boom or bust cycle has already been put in motion by George Osborne to ensure a Conservative victory in the next election.

Already the forward debt of the UK is forecast to exceed that of Greece and Spain, essentially the UK is bust. But it’s not only the very wealthy people who are likely to enjoy true financial independence , it could be you if you know how

What is Financial Independence?

This is when you can afford to choose to NOT work not when you have to work.

When you can spend time with the people you care about.

And do what YOU want to do.

Benefits of Financial Independence

Freedom and peace of mind.

You may benefit also from a state of happiness and satisfaction that you have worked smartly and achieved the lifestyle that you desire.

How do you achieve financial independence or work towards this?

Firstly you need to be aware of your current financial position, That is look in detail at all of your financial assets and liabilities and income.

Project all of these forward to establish your future financial position…

Then ask yourself and your partner – are we happy with this or do we want to work with someone to achieve a more prosperous financial future?

Never has there been more need to seek out pro-active financial advice, given the difficult and deteriorating financial position of the world economy which is likely to result in a massive slump in asset values and rampant inflation.

Your financial future is likely to depend on the smart financial choices you make now and over the years ahead, and the strategies that you choose on an ongoing basis….

It is possible to meet a financial planner for a one off no obligation meeting to get a better understanding of your financial position

If you are serious about your financial future Ray Best a lifetime Member of the Million Dollar Round Table is currently offering a limited number of appointments, but this offer may not be around for long …………

About Ray L Best

Ray Best has had over 30 years experience of advising on complex financial matters. A published author of a number of books including “Partnership and Shareholder Protection”, Inheritance Tax Simplified”. We provide an initial meeting at no cost and only engage with clients when we can add significant value.

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