Employee Benefit Trust Settlement Avoided

Employee Benefit Trust Settlement Avoided – We were pleased to receive a letter from HMRC confirming that no further action was being taken with regard to one of our EBT clients.

To be frank, it is unusual for HMRC to make any enquiry into any of the EBT’s we advise upon, as normally we manage to resolve them without an enquiry, in any event. So to get a letter from HMRC – “case closed” on the one enquiry we have had is good news.

We have provided advice on a further 3 new EBT cases today and hopefully the clients are happy with the outcome.

If you are concerned about any aspect of advice you have had with regard to an EBT, particularly if you have been advised to make settlement please do contact us first.

About Ray L Best

Ray Best has had over 30 years experience of advising on complex financial matters. A published author of a number of books including “Partnership and Shareholder Protection”, Inheritance Tax Simplified”. We provide an initial meeting at no cost and only engage with clients when we can add significant value.
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