Company Year Ends

All Ltd companies have a defined trading year. Like many Directors you are probably thinking that it makes little difference which year end you choose. I beg to differ.

Like all aspects for planning for Directors , everything that applies to the company is important and should be looked at for maximum tax planing effect.

Like planning a day in your diary 3 or 4 months before your year end to carry out your pre -year end planning.

In order to do that you need to ensure that you have key management information to hand.

Then you need someone who you can rely upon to interpret all of this for you, so that you can maximise tax efficiency and perhaps extract cash from your company so that you and your family can have that holiday you deserve.

Even more enjoyable if you have paid for it by doing your tax planning in advance.

By doing the planning in proper time, you will be more relaxed when you go on holiday won’t you? Particularly if HMRC has paid for it!

What is that you normally go on holiday the month before your trading year end ?

Boy, have we got our work cut out with you !

Look I am sure as a successful company director that you have already looked into all of these small steps and you are probably so profitable that you do not care about the £5,000 to £20,000 additional cash you can make by bothering about this small stuff.

That is OK, it takes all types ….

If you were interested though we could talk , we offer a 30 minute coaching programme for directors who want to grow their companies and increase their personal wealth.

There is a catch of course, we don’t offer this to all and sundry, you have to qualify by providing answers to seven questions . If we like the answers then we are happy to provide 30 minutes coaching at our expense …..

Business Coaching  

We have a pretty unusual approach (different) to most coaching people who make claim to your time and money and end up wasting your time and money.

We get you to do all of the work.

We believe that you are perfectly capable, it is just that you do not know how to start AND you are currently under utilising your BRAIN.

You are just scratching the surface and using about 10% of the brains capacity, let’s face it you have been winging it for years, haven’t you?

The System

So you are thinking is this some sort of Personal Improvement Course we are selling – NO it ain’t – not in the normal sense of the words.

I have been using the “system” for years and it has helped me out of some pretty dark corners. It has also helped me to become pretty successful.

It is quite simple to put into practice, you are most likely to say – is that all it is !

Because something is simple does not mean it isn’t profound.

You have to work at it to make it work.

We will hope to motivate you additionally but you know the old saying you can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Of course you may be pretty happy with your life but would’ it irritate you to know that you have not achieved the maximum success you could have, if only you had taken the time.

If you are looking for professional tax advisors, business coaching, Reading and surrounding areas of Berkshire are served by Pareto Lawrence From basic financial services through to thorough tax planning services, we do more than it says on the tin.

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