Case Studies of our Successful Tax Planning Services

Below we present some Case Studies of just a few of the beneficiaries of our services. Please click any Case Study to view further details.


Two highly profitable companies – burdened by debt and high levels of tax

The founder of every new company dreams of success and a healthy rate of growth — but growth can be a double-edged sword. XML Limited learned that lesson the hard way.  The company started off on a shoestring but didn’t stay small for long. The business flourished, and XML Limited quickly became substantial enough to split into two separate companies.  Unfortunately, XML  became a victim of its own success when this rapid expansion created a set of unforeseen problems. . . . . View Case Study >>

WTR Limited

Niche company – unable to resolve combined problem of paying off liabilities and funding pay off of older Director (and usual tax and remuneration issues).

This is a tale of two co-directors. The young director of niche company WTR Ltd. had to find a way to pay off an older director. The directors had a verbal agreement on the amount. It was an enormous sum of money, and the company had nowhere near enough funds in the bank to make the payment. To make matters worse, WTR had several outstanding liabilities, including directors’ loans and corporation taxes. . . . . View Case Study >>


Niche company with limited growth and high levels of tax

AMSL Ltd. was meant to be a growth company, but its growth had become sluggish. The problem was that the company was bleeding cash. Excessive salaries paid to the owners, disorganized pension schemes, and high corporate taxes created massive drains on AMSL’s resources. All of these things combined to suck the life out of the company and prevent them from expanding. . . . . View Case Study >>

EZAB Limited

Good business – but unable to extract cash and forced to pay high amounts of tax.

It’s not always enough for a company to attract business and generate income. When trading company EZAB Ltd. first sought out Pareto, the business was successful, but it was also plagued with cash-flow problems and high tax payments. The owner was frustrated because he had always wanted to grow his company, but the lack of available cash made that impossible….  View Case Study >>

GOG Limited

Company that was asset rich but unable to generate sufficient income as no advice received on how to control tax (plus a myriad of other planning issues)

The owner of GOG Limited was not getting the advice he needed for his company to reach its full potential. GOG was rich in assets, but it did not generate enough cash to meet the needs of the owner or of the business. GOG’s owner did consult many advisers over the years, but they all fell short. The were unable to control the company’s tax payments, increase its income, or deal effectively with any other planning issues…View Case Study >>

VIS-B Limited

Company with rapid growth and dynamic Directors but high levels of tax and lack of advice may restrict future company growth?

Even the most successful companies run into roadblocks. VIS-B Limited had dynamic directors. The company was making a lot of money and was rapidly growing. However, there were problems. High taxes and lack of adequate advice were stifling the company’s ability to continue to grow in the future…. View Case Study >>

*All the Case Studies are genuine, but we have changed the clients names for confidentially reasons.