Company that was asset rich but unable to generate sufficient income as no advice received on how to control tax (plus a host of other planning issues)

The owner of GOG Limited was not getting the advice he needed for his company to reach its full potential. GOG was rich in assets, but it did not generate enough cash to meet the needs of the owner or of the business. GOG’s owner did consult many advisers over the years, but they all fell short. The were unable to control the company’s tax payments, increase its income, or deal effectively with any other planning issues.

The situation changed when the owner met with Ray Best at Pareto Lawrence. The owner went into his first meeting at Pareto trying to keep an open mind, but also feeling cynical because of all the useless advice he had received in the past. Right away, though, during that first meeting at Pareto, he felt reassured. It was “obvious,” he said, that Best had “done his homework.”

The client appreciated Best’s unassuming manner and the way he focused on what GOG was trying to achieve, which was a welcome contrast to the way the client’s previous advisers continually boasted about themselves without doing anything to help GOG. At that first meeting, Best confirmed that the owners’ goals were achievable, but said they were up against a deadline. He took on GOG’s case as a priority.

Pareto went to work. They found that the annual returns for the company had been submitted incorrectly for the previous four years. The client was so pleased with the initial results that he handed over all of his planning work to Pareto.

Pareto then used the services of an English solicitor who was also a U.S. attorney to recover a substantial amount of money lent in the United States, initially on an unsecured basis. They reduced the company’s tax. They helped with inheritance tax planning, resolved disparities in accounts, and protected company and personal assets.

The result was substantial improvements to cash flow. The client is glad he took advantage of Pareto’s free initial meeting. Pareto, he said, has saved him “a fortune.”

If you are not getting all the help that you need from your current advisers, if you want to find out how proper planning can help you reduce taxes, recover money, and improve cash flow, please call us at 01189 347 920 to set up a free no-obligation meeting to discuss how we may be able to help you achieve your financial goals.

“I must admit, like many other business owners would have been, initially I was sceptical. However the step‐by‐step approach of Pareto was both reassuring and effective, and they achieved all the savings they promised. I have since commissioned further work from Pareto and would recommend all business owners consider their system for improving cash flow!”

GOG Ltd*