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Before undertaking any form of tax planning, it is necessary to consider what will result from your planned action.

It is necessary to establish what the current Cash Inflows of your personal or business finances are – and what can usefully be anticipated – both before and after the completion of the planning.

TAX ADVICE Reading and surrounding area

We provide graphic illustrations of a client’s current taxable position with a complete breakdown of the impact of tax and the various tax allowances that apply. In addition we can project forward the implications of improving cash flows by tax mitigation or tax control. Often this can prove motivational!

As there are now only a relatively small range of possibilities for reducing corporation tax and income tax liabilities you may consider it desirable to take advantage of those options which remain.

TAX ADVICE Reading and surrounding area

Before embarking on high risk tax avoidance, you should consider the opportunity of utilising less aggressive tax strategies combined with “total planning”. The overall savings may be similar but with less risk for you. In addition “total planning” may provide additional cash as well as tax savings.


What are the benefits of trusts?

Trusts are confidential, tax-efficient and highly flexible financial planning instruments to provide for specified beneficiaries, during and after your lifetime.

The major advantages are:


Trusts can also be used for those seeking some privacy for their families when they die – the contents of a will are on public record, but the contents of a trust are not.

Tax Planning Reading and surrounding area

A trust is often used to reduce tax liabilities. Assets owned by a trust will normally fall outside of probate and will not be included in the estate of a deceased person. Hence, inheritance tax may be minimised or eliminated.

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