IHT Offer

You pay thousands of pounds of tax throughout your lifetime, taxes on your earnings, and tax on almost everything
you buy.

Yet HMRC want to take 40% of everything that is left over £325,000.

Last year HMRC collected a staggering £2.3bn in Inheritance Tax. But they plan to increase this to 3.4bn by 2014/15.

That’s a huge increase.

As property prices are static, the only way the HMRC can increase the amount of tax they collect is to change
the rules.

So if you act quickly you could save thousands of pounds by arranging your planning now . . before any tax
changes are announced.

To avoid costly mistakes and save thousands of pounds in tax, you need to understand how to do so – by buying
Inheritance Tax Simplified.

This books tells you about:

●  everything you need to know about inheritance tax

●  estate planning

●  how not to lose your house whilst staying in it preserving and protecting your estate assets

●  all about trusts

●  why you should ensure your will is up to date and drafted properly

●  how to make substantial savings at very low cost

●  plus lots of other relevant information.

Buy NOW and you could take advantage of this amazing bonus:

●  Postage and packaging FREE of charge (value £1.60)

●  A £25 gift voucher for will writing (use yourself or gift to a friend)

For anyone needing to know more about inheritance tax and how to avoid it (saving thousands of pounds) this is the book for you.

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